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Great news! Seller Server Classes now allows bulk order purchasers to search their bulk orders by student name, email, or access code.  This gives you more options to search and manage your employees' SSC certificates.

CASeller Server Classes

About Us

Goal and Mission

Our goal and mission with sellerserverclasses.com is to provide an elegant online seller-server certificate course at a minimal cost to the student. Seller Server Classes' certification system will allow for you to easily sign up and study the curriculum.

Sign up & Purchase

The first step is to sign up for the course. This is an easy process. There are just a few simple questions to verify and then creation of your username and password. Afterwards, you can pay a minimal fee to take the Seller Server Course online. Most major credit cards are accepted through our service.

From there you will then study the curriculum which discusses the fundamentals of alcohol safety. Once the course is successfully completed, you will receive a Seller Server Classes certificate of completion.

Keeping up with your certificate is simple, too. Our system stores a copy for you, so you simply need to login to your account and print off another seller server card. If you aren't sure which of our websites you registered through, just login to any of the sellerserverclasses.com sites and we'll automatically direct you to the correct one.

DSBWorldWide, Inc.

This website is a service provided for people employed within California through Seller Server Classes, a subsidiary of DSBWorldWide, Inc., and is intended for educational purposes only.  DSB has been in business since 1999 and has designed several hundred websites integrated with their custom suite of WebItems® Software. They will continue to upgrade this service to offer richer features and applications.

Please notify your employer and friends of sellerserverclasses.com so they can take advantage of this simple-to-use online seller server certificate course too!